Superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPD) are an enabling technology for many applications, including tests of fundamental physics, high-precision sensing, quantum communication protocols and tasks in quantum information processing. As such, the demand for SNSPDs in cutting edge science and technology has grown rapidly in recent years. With this seminar we aim at providing a forum for scientists investigating, developing and using SNSPDs in a variety of contexts. With this in mind, the workshop will include more than 20 invited contributions covering the following areas:

  • Working principles and fundamental limits, in particular the role of timing jitter
  • Comparison of different material systems, particularly amorphous versus crystalline thin films, and the potential of high-temperature superconductors
  • Applications and emerging technologies, in particular integration on-chip

On behalf of the organising committee, we look forward to seeing you in Bad Honnef!


The Foundation can provide spaces for the poster size of A0.

Invited speakers

Gregory Golt‘sman, Moscow State Pedagogical University
Karl Berggren, MIT Cambridge
Sae Woo Nam, NIST Boulder
•Shigehito Miki, NICT Kobe
Robert Hadfield, University of Glasgow
Denis Vodolazov, Russian Academy of Sciences
•Alexei D. Semenov, DLR Berlin
Floriana  Lombardi, Chalmers University of Technology
Val Zwiller, KTH Stokholm
Cheryl Feuillet-Palma, ESPCI Paris
Adriana Lita, NIST Boulder
Alexander Kozorezov, Lancaster University
•Mariia Sidorova, DLR Berlin
•Alexander V. Semenov, Moscow State Pedagogical University
Jonathan Finley, TU Munich
Wolfram Pernice, University of Münster
•Labao Zhang, Nanjing University
Lixing You, SIMIT, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai
•Xiaolong Hu, Tianjin University
Claire Autebert, University of Geneva
•Matthew D. Shaw, JPL
•Francesco Mattioli, CNR Rome

Contributions and important dates

Students and postdocs are encouraged to submit abstracts for posters. A small number of submissions will be upgraded to contributed talks. Abstracts can be submitted through the website. Please use the template provided. 

Registration and the paper submission is now closed. We will notify the authors before the end of August, 2018.

Should you have any queries, please send them to

Organisation Committee

Tim Bartley, University of Paderborn
Alexander Korneev, Moscow State Pedagogical University
Döndü Sahin, University of Bristol
Carsten Schuck, University of Münster
Félix Bussières, University of Geneva
Jelmer Renema, University of Twente
Mikkel Ejrnaes, CNR SPIN


The organisers are very grateful for the support of the Wilhem und Else Heraeus Foundation, a private institution which supports scientific research and education in Germany, with a particular emphasis on physics.

This support covers accommodation and meals for all participants at the Seminar, and no conference fee will be charged.

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